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all the police equipment was still on the front seat. there were never any weapons inside. >> hopefully he'll still have the handcuffs on him when we find him. >> reporter: it was common for officers to leave keys in the ignition if they're going to be in the vehicle. sergeant jason dwyer is keeping things in perspective. >> when everybody goes home at the end of the daip and all our equipment is accounted for, it can't be that bad of a day. >> reporter: and in the grand scheme of things, a parole violation is not that big a deal, but now he's in a lot more trouble, facing additional charges of escape and vehicle theft. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5 news. this next one is a case that has haunted san francisco police for nearly 30 years. what happened top kevin collins? kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez tells us that this man may have taken the secret to his grave.
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>> reporter: in 1984, police were investigating the most high-profile missing child case in a generation. it turns out a neighbor of kevin collins had a sordid past. wayne jackson had a record that involved child molestation. he also had a black dog, just like the man kevin was last seen talking to. >> this case is a case that haunts the san francisco police department. >> reporter: now, 29 years later, police chief greg suhr is revealing for the first time that jackson is a person of interest in the case. but why wasn't he arrested back then? >> he was detained. he was interviewed. he allowed a consent search of the same house we just did a search warrant on. a photo spread was shown to the two witnesses that described the suspect. they weren't able to pick him out of the photo spread. >> they knew enough about his
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past. they dropped the ball on this guy. >> reporter: mark glass, an advocate for missing children, says the pd should have taken their person of interest more seriously. >> this is a guy who kidnapped and raped a small child on fisherman's wharf and then didn't appear for his court date. then when he finally was apprehended, he only spent six months in jail and then three months' probation. they knew enough about this guy. >> reporter: wayne jackson died in the sunset district five years ago. police now say he went by many aliases, which made it difficult for investigators to know the full extent of his criminal past. police are asking if anyone knew mr. jackson to come forward and talk to investigators, and also i should mention, i spoke with kevin's sister briefly on the phone tonight. she says the entire family is overwhelmed with the news that police could have had their man all those years ago.
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reporting live, joe vazquez, kpix 5. we're about to see something we haven't had in more than a week. kpix 5 meteorologist paul deanno is in the weather center. paul? >> high-def doppler radar, we are looking at rain moving in. we look up to the north and see the leading edges of rainfall several hours away, but it is on its way to the bay area. but it's not going to bring us widespread soaking rainfall. we're just talking scattered showers because most of the moisture will stay north. we will see some showers. we'll talk about how much rain is coming to the bay area, coming up in a few minutes. the fbi is now involved in the murder investigation of that teenage girl in fairfield. the body of 13-year-old jen was found friday. releasing the cause of death at this time. it is not appropriate. the time and place will come later on, but at this point it would be hurtful to our investigation." fairfield police want anyone who may have seen something to call
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them. that triple murder we told you about last night? turns out, it was a drug deal gone bad. the 3 men were shot in a cabin near forestville in sonoma county: they were 26- year-old raleigh butler of petaluma... 46- year-old richard lewin of new york... and 42- year-old todd klarkowski of colorado. investigators say they were in a bedroom with a lots of pot. "what i hear, i guess there were 100 pounds, it was a 200 thousand dollar deal and some fool just took their life." the killer or killers are still on the loose. governor brown ordered state workers to stop taking what he called "unncessary trips" at taxpayer expense. but c-b-s reporter sam shane found out: people the governor himself appointed are still racking up
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the frequent flier miles... and, yep, you're paying for it. on a recent th people the governor himself appointed are still backing up the frequent flyer miles. and yep, you're paying for it. >> reporter: across the street from the capitol, our camera caught robin umberg leaving work early. again. she was flying to her southern california home in orange county for the weekend, on your dime. >> everybody knows something is wrong. it's common knowledge. >> reporter: we've concealed the identity of this inside source, who says umberg does this almost every month. she charges the trip to california taxpayers. but 90% of the trips violate governor jerry brown's mandate. umberg is just one of five top administrators of the california department of veteran's affairs who are members of what we call the cal vet travel club. >> are you aware of how much
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you've been spending on travel? >> yes. >> how much? >> the actual dollar figure i don't have. >> reporter: he is one of five executives who spent $82,000 in travel by 18 months, the biggest spender by far is top guy, peter gravitt, who spent nearly $32,000 on travel since may of 2011. >> is the director available to talk to us about this? >> no. >> reporter: we were told he's traveling. records show that 75% of trips have been to attend an event that were near his home. 45 of the trips are non-mission critical. >> the governor has said you can travel if it's to audit, revenue collect, to do business. >> well, we are doing business. >> but you're not. >> this is business. >> we've looked at the records.
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come on. he's going down there for a fund-raiser over a weekend. his house is down there. why should the taxpayer pay for that? >> he goes down there to meet with those individuals, many of them who are corporate leaders, who have agreed and worked with us on trying to identify and hire veterans. >> reporter: it's not just secretary gravitt. 16 of the 17 trips robin umberg took were for an event 12 miles from her home. another undersecretary took 39 trips. 26of them were non-mission critical. >> how do they get away with taking so many questionable trips paid for by taxpayers? >> reporter: these five members approve each other's travel. >> where is the oversight? >> we have our internal accounting office that looks at travel, that looks at what is
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done. any outside agency, the department of finance and others, can come in and look at what they want to look at. >> do you think maybe they need to? >> i don't believe they do. >> our reporter notified the governor's office about his investigation, but the governor said he hadn't heard about it. and here's what happened when a producer asked him what he planned to do about the frequent flyers. >> will you talk to us? okay. thank you very much. >> as for cal vet, the deputy secretary says top brass have no intention of cutting back on that travel. coming up, the part of the bay area that's about to lose because of a battery problem. why soon it will be hard to know if you're getting real salmon or the kind grown in a lab. right up behind with a
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hatchet, smash, smash, smash! >> how a colorado hitchhiker saved the day when a driver went crazy. and there's a celebration tonight. i'm at the seven-mile house. coming up, how they're celebrating this 160th anniversary.
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. all san jose flights thru the end of march. you might the japanese airline that flies into san jose has cancelled all san jose flights through the end of march. you might say, i don't fly to tokyo, so what do i care? well, it's costing the south bay a lot of money. the cancelled flights cost the santa clara valley an average of $214,000 a day in lost business. or about $9 million between now and the end of march. all nipone uses the boeing 787 and the plane is still grounded because of battery problems. would you eat fish made in the lab? the fda is about to approve the sale of genetically engineered
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salmon. kpix 5 reporter julie watts explains, soon you may not be able to tell if you're getting the real fish or the man-made kind. >> reporter: salmon is a popular and healthy choice. but would you eat salmon created in a lab? >> i don't think that's right for them to do that. >> reporter: introducing genetically modified salmon, created using genes from other fish. >> this wouldn't happen in a natural system. this is crossing different species. >> reporter: and this is the end result. these fish are all the same age and had the same parents. but take a look at the fish on top. it's genetically modified and much larger. the company that created the salmon claims they grow twice as fast. each has genes from the two salmon. the fda is expected to approve the fish, saying it's as safe
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to eat as other salmon, prompting public concern. >> it probably would not be labeled so people would have no idea at the store. >> if it's gmo, i have a right to know! >> reporter: the fda does not require labeling for genetically modified crops, so it's possible labeling won't be required for the new salmon either. >> it sounds frankly pretty scary. >> reporter: dr. holman studies public perception of bioengineered food. >> our research shows that if a product has that label, consumers are less likely to buy it. >> reporter: the fda says it recognizes the concerns customers have and encourages voluntary labeling. julie watts, kpix 5. and the scariest predators in the ocean are getting some very special protection. great white sharks are now
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considered an endangered species. the state department of fish and game will spend the next year deciding whether to keep them on that list. there are 339 adult great white sharks between marin county and mexico. a hitchhiker with a hatchet has become an internet sensation. >> and he's the good guy in this story. allen martin on how the surfer dude from fresno saved a couple of innocent bystanders when a driver went berserk. >> he was driving down this way. he was like, you know what? i've come to realize i'm jesus christ and i can do anything i [ bleep ] want to. and he [ bleep ] pinned him in between that shrub. >> reporter: homeless hitchhiker kai was in the back seat of this vehicle when this all went down. >> the guy went crazy. he gets in his car and tries to move the car. and we weren't going to let him doing it. >> if he started driving that car around again, there would
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have been a hell of a lot of bodies in here. >> he just kept saying he was jesus christ. he used the n word, meaning the black people. he said we need to get them off of the earth. >> reporter: the pg&e worker was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery for non-life- threatening injuries. he wasn't the only person the driver attacked. >> he put me in a bear hug and started beating the crap out of me. >> these two women are trying to help him. a guy that big can snap a woman like a pencil stick. so i went up behind him with a hatchet. smash, smash, smash! >> reporter: and that's what tanya said saved her life. and kai, the homeless hitchhiker, didn't care that the suspect was more than six feet tall. >> that woman was in damage. he just finished what looked like at the time killing somebody. if i hadn't have done that, he would have killed more people. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. >> so i'm hearing that
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people on the internet have raised $500 to get kai a surfboard. we're all set. >> he's got a hatchet, so -- >> doesn't every good surfer need one? >> obviously. here's what we have weather- wise. tonight, cloud cover moving in. temperatures on the increase, although still chilly. you will wake up to 45 and a few showers around in oakland. we'll take you to chinatown. some video there. get ready for the chinese new year, year of the snake, beginning this sunday, february 10. nothing yet on the radar, but there is rain several hours to the north. we will have rain come tomorrow morning in the north bay. we need it. average rainfall since christmas is 5 inches. we're at 10% of that. we've had less than a half inch of rainfall since christmas. but here comes an front. we're now seeing some of that rainfall up off the northern california coastline. it's not going to be that soaking rainfall that will
11:18 pm
really put a dent in our rainfall deficit, because the front is keeping most of its energy to the north. that said, scattered showers tomorrow, and for the first half of friday. after that, we get locked into position once again. dry weather but also chilly weather. this likely will hang out for another week or so. so after two days with scattered showers, we're likely look at another seven to ten mainly dry days the. as for how much rainfall, really not that much. about an eighth of an inch of rainfall for most of us. perhaps about a quarter of an inch out toward pacifica. showers here tomorrow morning will be with us through about lunchtime. lows near freezing in our inland communities on saturday and sunday. mid 50's with those showers tomorrow. redwood city, 56. 55 for walnut creek. scattered showers.
11:19 pm
san ramon, 55. sunshine for the weekend. chilly, upper 50's and we will likely stay dry next week. two days of showers and then a whole truckload full of dry days. >> we need more of those showers. >> we're gonna need more days than what we got on that forecast. >> all right. coming up, we're going to take you to the only place in the bay area where you've been able to get a beer since the california gold rush.
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on tonight in brisbane, not too far from the cow palace. well, there is quite a celebration going on tonight in the town of brisbane. >> it's at a bar called the seven mile house. it's a place where your great, great, great grandfather could have gone for a beer. >> yeah. about a seven mile walk from his house. juliette goodrich and her photographer parked their truck where 160 years ago horses were tied up. julie, is that karaoke i'm hearing in the background? >> reporter: i think it is. some budding rock stars. it's the 160th anniversary. good clean fun.
11:23 pm
yes, they are inside singing. it is one of the oldest bars in the bay area and the only mile house left standing in its original location. seven mile house opened its doors in 1853. this live music and karaoke sports bar and grill was once a pony express route and stagecoach stop. it's exactly seven miles to the ferry building in san francisco. >> at almost every mile from the ferry building to san jose, there was a mile house. those mile houses were rest stops for horses. >> reporter: it spanned the decades, from brothel, biker, trucker hangout, to sports/gambling den, and now it's a 49er favorite hangout. >> this place is a legacy, you know what i'm saying? and i love it here. we'll keep coming here. >> reporter: photos of the original seven mile house owners are displayed on the wall. the new owners, a filipino
11:24 pm
family. tonight's celebration entry is nachos, burgers and wings. >> we continue our support of this establishment. it will never die! >> reporter: some say the seven mile house is haunted. they're saying no. it's just rich with a lot of history inside. tonight, it's filled with, yes, a lot of budding rock stars. actually, they got silent inside, ken, because they could see the television here. they're watching the story as we speak. they're mesmerized. >> everybody in the seven mile house, we get off in an hour, okay? >> reporter: sounds good. >> all right. ha ha. we'll be right back.
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11:27 pm they touched down 100 miles away in tulsa and fi rolled in at 4 a heavy fog kept the warriors' plane from landing in oklahoma city. so they touched down in tulsa and finally rolled in at 4 a.m. this is after mark jackson's bunch gave up 140 last night in houston. first quarter, kevin martin, steal.
11:28 pm
stephen curry's pass. that's an easy russell westbrook finger roll. kevin durant on the fast break. thunder up by 20. third quarter, nobody looking at westbrook, who gets the easiest dunk of his life. the thunder win 119-98. at least they can go get some sleep now. stanford chopped down their second opponent. second half, chasson randle gives us the cardinals a three- point lead. but mark lyons, 15 of his 20 in the second half. today was national letter of intent day, when high school football players commit to colleges. here is our in-depth look at stanford's recruiting class. >> a former cal golfer james is
11:29 pm
preparing for round one. new to the tour. hahn made himself familiar after his gangnam style dance on the green. >> i walked off the green. and i was possessed. and that's what came out. >> i have in my hand the top five. you are supposed to go easy on the goalie in warm-up. lars didn't get that memo. the montreal goalie, not a good spot. no. 4, most three-year-olds can't do this, but how about a younger girl? next stop, wnba. no. 3, bismarck, north dakota, hockey. alex scoops up the puck with the back of his stick. bismarck century high wins it.
11:30 pm
juan carlos garcia bicycle kicks the pass. honduras shocked the u.s., 2-1. no. 1, 20,000 bucks to the st. jude's hospital on that. >> only julie watts has it hotter than hewey lewis right now. getting some action. >> at the seven mile house. >> yeah. very impressive. >> good move. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow letterman is next. >> all right. and our next newscast, tomorrow morning at 4:30. seven mile house is celebrating. i think we'll go down and rescue julie. >> julie can handle herself. good night!
11:34 pm
( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway broadcasting across the nation and around the world it's the "late show" with david letterman. alan kalter, and now entrepreneur, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs >> dave: thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. you know what? i want to tell you something exciting. think about this. maybe you saw it, maybe you didn't, but you summer heard about it-- 49 years ago today, right here on this stage the beatles appeared on american

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